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Sissy Made Me Cry

Hi Mommy,

I thought I would write this time instead of just telling you.

Sissy made me cry tonight, I don't think she meant to.

I was just sitting here going thru some web sites and I thought I would look at Sissy's pages.

I was enjoying her pages and then I came upon her poems page.

They were very good and I kept reading them. I read the one about the things she loved and I read the one about Colorado.

But Mommy, Sissy made me cry when she told about the old barn being gone.

She made me cry when she said that our house, the trees and flowers were gone.

Mommy, is it really true?
Are they really all gone?
Has it really been that long?

I know a lot of things have happend since you have been gone.

I got married, can you believe that some call me a woman? I still feel like a child when I think of you.

I remember when I last saw you, I was only sixteen.

I told you to be good and you said "You Too".

Well I think you would be proud of me because I have been good.

I've raised a family and I think I did well.

They are two young men that I would be proud for you to know.

Yes, Sissy made me cry tonight and I'm glad she did.

I will have to call her tomorrow and say thanks.

Love Sheila

Just Over The Hill

Written For My Grandaughter, Lisa Christine

Just over the hill a little bit

That is where I'm going

I don't want you to go with me

But I want you to know where I'll be

Just over the hill a little bit

I'm going to see the past

But I want you to stay here so I'll know my way back

Just over the hill a little bit

Don't think that I'm crazy because I am not

I just want to see something that I think I forgot

No, you can not go because you were never there

Just over the hill a little bit

Then everything will be clear

Yes, I thought so

I am so glad that I went back

Just over the hill a little bit

I saw your great grandma and then I knew for sure

You have the same twinkle in your eye

Just over the hill a little bit

She had the same twinkle
as she was pretending to eat my mud pie

Just over the hill a little bit

      To The Women In My Life

    It was great while it lasted but I must go...
    We had some great times and laughed
    so much that sometimes we just lost control..
    There may never be a time again
    that we will be together so much but I so enjoyed it while we were...

    We went shopping some days and didn't buy a thing
    but what fun we had just being together...
    I had so much help from so many...

    Carol, you were here for me so much
    that I could never thank you enough for all you have done for me...
    You took me everywhere I needed to go...
    You never complained about all the extra running you had to do...
    You called to check on me every day,
    we went to visit and always had such a good time...

    Terrie, you helped out, above and beyond the call of duty...
    It would have been so easy for you to say that you were too busy, ( which you were ) but no,
    you were always right there willing to help me with anything I needed..
    I am so glad to have been able to get to know Bradly and Nicole more..
    I could never thank you enough...

    Shirley, what can I say, but it is just a good thing that we didn't have to pay for every minute that we talked on the phone, because neither of us could ever pay that much..
    You were there for me to laugh with, cry with, after we laughed too much...
    You came and stayed with me and I went and stayed with you...
    Will we ever be able to remember all what we laughed about...
    Even if we don't, we will even laugh about that too...

    Luella, you made me feel smarter than I am because you thought I was...
    I even tried harder because you told everyone
    I could do things that I wasn't even sure I could do...
    Thank you for the phone calls and always being home Wensdays thru Sundays...

    Felecia, you taught me about Paint Shop Pro and kept my grass under control...
    More important to me was the visiting between the cutting..
    You should have been a teacher because you are so relaxed when you showed me how to do things..
    I was so glad to get to know Trevor more...Thank you so much...

    Hilda, yes I am going to mention you too..
    I just have had so much fun with you...
    You are very gracious not to get mad at me
    for picking at you, arguing with you but you know what I always say....
    "I just couldn't help myself " ...
    Don't forget all the words I taught you either..he..he..Thanks for the fun times..

    These are not all the people that I will miss
    but I wanted to bring their names to the forefront..
    I couldn't have stayed this long here without all of these people...

    So now I must say farewell, so long but never goodbye...
    No I am not dieing but there will never be a time in our lives like these last three years ever again I believe...

    Don't cry too hard when you think of me..he..he..


I saw a drawing of you today..
It brought back many memories of the past
How your hands were always so rough and callesed

How sometimes after supper you would fall asleep in your chair
not because you were bored but because you worked so hard..
We knew how hard you worked
because we saw you at the dairy
as we were living our life
we would go by and see you out there with the cows..
I remembered how after work
you would be coming across the fields
and I would run up to you so you could
carry me back home on your strong shoulders
I can never remember ever hearing you complain
about anything or anybody..

No you are not perfect but who in this world is..
You liked to work too much
but we know that is because the way you were raised..
You turned 84 this year..
We have been so lucky
to have had these years with you..
You have told us so many stories about the past..
Will we be able to remember it all..
You told us how you met Mommy..
You told us about your team of horses..
You told us about how Grandpa worked out of town
and only came home on week-ends..
and Grandma was left to raise you five boys
on her own..

You told us how Great-GrandMa was so stubburn
that she got mad at your Aunt
and sat down in the middle of the road and wouldn't get up
till someone came along and picked her up and
took her home..
You told us so much...
If you would have died instead of Mommy
we would never have got to know you like we do now..
I am very gratefull that we had this time together...

Hello Heartache

Hello Heartache..Good-By Love,Good-By Love,Good-By Love..
Love Him, Will She Allways Love Him..
I Will, Untill The Day I die..
There They Go In their Happiness..
Hear I Am In My Lonliness..
Hello..Heartache..Goodby Love,Good-By Love,Good-By Love...

Here is a poem written for me by my sister Shirley

I think that I shall never see
A person joke as much as she.
A girl who knows just what to say
To everyone in a playful way.
I miss the talks we had each day
Yes, on the phone we stayed and stayed.
But, oh, the laughter that we two shared
can never ever be compared
To anything or anyone.
I miss you something awful since you've gone.
I Love You Sheila

There's no electric carts today:

It's Friday again:
On to wal-mart we go,
Yes, it would be a pretty day,
if I didn't have this pain and hurt so:
But it will be better once we get there:
I'll at least be able to sit down,
The lady looks at me and my cane,
no electric carts can be found:
My sister says she'll wait with me:
But I say no,
I'll be alright,
I will take it slow:
We go thru the aisles
And all I can think about,
Is I want to be home,
See the nice pants?
Look at the new tops,
I need a new night gown,
But all I can think of,
Is, why did I come to town:
Burnning calves & burnning Feet,
Am I walking on rocks?
I have to look down,
To make sure I'm not,
My whole body radiates heat,
I go back to see,
If there are any carts for me,
The lady looks at me
And she looks pleased,
To tell me that there are no carts for me,
After all aren't I younger then she?
She has a job,
And I want to ride,
She doesn't know,
What pain there is inside ...
I pray a quick prarer for her:
Dear Lord, please let her always be pain free,
Please teach her to be nicer,
But Lord I pray she will never feel pain,
Teach her somehow to look into eyes,
instead of just the outside,
Please Lord teach me to understand,
People like her,
That can judge me and others like me,
Do people like her,
Really think that we enjoy,
riding these aufull carts,
Lord, don't let me get angry,
At people like her,
I gave her a smile,
Told her to have a great day,
I really believe she'll change some day:

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These poems were written by Sheila
and are protected under the copyright laws.

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